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At Doing Diversity Differently, we know that we don't always have all the answers ourselves. Sometimes people with different strokes and different approaches that make our team better. So we collaborate with some other great people who strengthen us to provide you with an enhanced proposition. Click here to see who we work with and how we can make your strategies and training even stronger. 

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Client Talk partners with Doing Diversity Differently to help firms create better employee engagement and succeed in delivering their diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) initiatives. We believe that creating a culture of belonging is good for professionals, good for firms and good for client relationships.  It is more than just an issue for HR. 

Client Talk's partnership with Doing Diversity Differently brings together our experience working with professional services firms, with their strength in diversity consulting. This union represents the best of what diverse thinking can bring.  We challenge each other to look at problems from different perspectives and provide a unique solution for professional services firms.


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