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Through looking at Diversity from a different lens, I help organisations think about strategies for inclusion and belonging in completely fresh ways. My breadth of skills working with some of the world’s leading orchestras and conductors, negotiating complex reinsurance deals in emerging territories and then working in multiple disciplines on recruitment has taught me things not in a linear fashion but in a way where I have always had to find ways to deliver solutions to challenges I knew nothing about.

The ethos of Doing Diversity Differently is one which is unique and uses a bespoke approach to D&I as each client is different. We believe that this complex and sensitive subject matter can often make people feel deeply uncomfortable, partly why we do not see the progress that we should on these initiatives. Understanding this discomfort, Doing Diversity Differently work with your leadership team and staff to create a psychologically safe space where they can make mistakes in their learning and begin the uncomfortable conversations to see a tangible and measurable progress in this space. More importantly, it will forge a path to not only create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, but recommend how to foster a true sense of belonging for all members of staff in the organisation.


- Chico Chakravorty - Founder of Doing Diversity Differently


  • Organisational Culture Diagnostics

  • Leadership Effectiveness Diagnostics

  • Policy Review

  • Process Review

  • Insight Gathering 

  • D&I Data Analysis

  • Inclusive Recruitment Design

Alongside key members of organisations, we conduct an implementation session to fully align with the objectives and the desired outcomes for improved D&I.

We design a detailed quantitative and qualitative survey for all staff to be able to choose to complete. This will be tailored according to the information gathered at the implementation session. This survey will be able to be completed anonymously and will look to collect some of the data to get an understanding of the baseline metrics to measure against in the future. 

Once the survey has been signed off internally*, it will be distributed to staff for them to be able to complete. By engaging your employees with 1:1 interviews and opportunities to volunteer on focus groups, we can gain valuable depth and insight with which to tailor our programme.


  • Strategy Design

  • Strategic Implementation

  • Action Plan Creation

  • Research

  • Programme Review

We will design a monitoring framework that is simple and effective to get an initial snapshot of the starting point for this continual programme of work and find ways to easily collect and analyse the data and sentiments provided. This will include ways to measure impact, success criteria, outputs and outcomes.

During the process, we schedule and conduct interviews from staff or other stakeholders who have agreed to participate. The content of the interviews remain anonymous and are reflected in the survey in ways that would preserve such anonymity. 

We then analyse and collect the data gathered to look for trends in what the organisation can improve on with regards to staff diversity and engagement.


  • Employee Engagement Design

  • Employee Experience Design

  • Leadership Facilitation Sessions

  • Internal / External D&I Comms Campaigns

  • Internal Employee Network Group Effectiveness

We know it can be very difficult to navigate through the complexities that Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging work bring. We design programmes to facilitate the best possible outcome for your organisation. We help your organisations to tackle some of these incredibly challenging topics in a way that works best for your people. 

We also undertake an in-depth desktop review of key documentation including but not limited to annual reports, strategy documents*, HR policies*, recruitment processes*, anonymised profiles of candidates who have applied to organisations (both successful and unsuccessful)*, and external marketing material.​ *in consultation with existing staff.

We analyse the profiles of candidates who apply to the organisation and what the methodology was to create a long list of candidates, a short list of interviewees and how the final candidate was ultimately selected. 


  • Inclusivity Training Design & Delivery

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Story Telling

  • Role Modelling

  • Interactive Learning

  • Conducting Focus Groups

We provide training resources and ongoing support for your organisational framework, including leadership and management facilitation sessions and the establishment of D&I focus groups.

We can facilitate consultation sessions in person when appropriate, and also provide interactive online material specifically designed for your organisation, with full access.

There are three webinars which we have set up to help leaders understand what they can do to start taking effective action with regards to engaging employees and being more inclusive with a specific focus on race in the workplace and you can find out the dates and more information here <link>.


  • Strategic Planning

  • Linking D&I to Results

  • Diversifying Recruitment

We aim to provide pragmatic and engaging reporting which businesses and organisations can use in the longer term, with the implementation of a set of frameworks and tangible actions to track and monitor against the network’s action plan and strategy going forward.  This will be delivered through: 

  • an in-depth assessment of the current position regarding D&I across the key strategic operating themes of governance, culture, organisational processes and decision making, 

  • open and positively framed communications to support and enable the organisation to be “clumsily human” in its approach to learning more about a complex subject matter,

  • clear, concise and coherent recommendations to support/enhance the action plan for years to come,

  • a framework and set of baseline measures that enables everyone within the organisation to feel like they truly belong. 


  • Coaching Programme Design

  • Mentoring Senior Executives

  • Coaching Managers

  • Team Coaching

We are available for coaching and mentoring in a range of scenarios, and include these services in our package as a highly effective means of ensuring ongoing success for your organisational framework in terms of D&I. 

These can be conducted online, in person; in small groups; large format presentations or 1:1, for managers, stakeholders or team members.


  • Articles and Videos

  • Speaker / Chair / Panellist

  • Podcast and Webinar Host

Chico is a hugely experienced speaker and presenter, having a track record of thoughtful and engaging material to support x, your key leadership roles and your entire organisation through this process.

We have a range of existing resources online - webinars, blog posts and other material.



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